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Velvet and Linen & the Brickmakers Table

Velvet and Linen is doing a great giveaway for a coffee table from Bobo Intriguing Objects.

Picture 4

Recently she asked her readers to send her pictures of their rooms that they thought the coffee table would look good in if they wanted to win it. She received almost 200 entries, so she asked some bloggers including myself to be a judge. I selected my top ten and two of them made the top ten. Here they are…In Melissa L.’s room below the furniture proportions are nice,  it’s not overly fussy which is the right kind of room for this table, and I love her curtain color. The fireplace looks interesting and a pretty color as well.

Picture 1

If I could vote twice I would vote for both, but I voted for Katie D. today (room below).  I like both rooms but I think the look of the coffee table is better suited in the room below. I like the layered rugs, all the books and magazines so organized with the bookshelves all being used . There is a nice mix of furniture frames and she took a lot of thought with the accessories which can really add to the room. The throws on the wing chair, Jackie O. on the top of the magazine basket, the fun lamp and the framed music manuscript. The table looks like it would fit well in the room and the dimensions are right. Nice work Melissa L. and Katie D. and good luck to both.

Picture 15

Thanks to Brooke for including me in the panel. Now it’s your turn to go vote from the top. Click HERE to go to her blog. The top three will be awarded on her blog next week. Let me know who you vote for!

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