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weekend recap: Metrolina and the Marathon

Quick weekend recap…. On Friday, Anna and I went up to Metrolina to hear Eddie Ross (post coming soon). Eddie and Jaithan are a ton of fun, and Eddie has some great ideas for flea market shopping.

Saturday morning this little guy and I hopped on a plane up to NYC to visit with my parents and watch my sister and her husband run the marathon yesterday. We got to see her at Mile 17 and again at Mile 25. This is him waiting so patiently for her close to the finish line. He kept saying to me, “I really want her to win the marathon”.

I am SO proud of them both! Sorry for the grainy picture, this was taken with my camera phone.

A HUGE congratulations to Sarah and Jeff for running the marathon yesterday!! I am back in NC with lots to do, more soon…

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