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where i've been…

Since I was little I have been going every summer to a very special place in the Catskill Mountains in upstate NY. I recently spent a great week there with my family.  You can’t go too far without seeing a view like this one.


The houses are original, enchanting and most of them have fabulous porches. I have loved looking at this house since I was little.



I have to say I am partial to this one…and the great porch that wraps around the back.



The roads are like this,


and there are beautiful waterfalls


which were especially gorgeous with all of the rain that the northeast recently had.



This one has been spotted on a regular basis this summer. I did not take this picture, but did see him about 15 yards from my car.

Picture 4

I hope you get to spend some time this summer in a place that is as special to you as this one is to me.

Photo Credits: Laura Casey, all except for the bear (phew) taken by Britton Fisher.

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